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Made in China (M.I.C)
9th-Jan-2011 07:45 pm - M.I.C. EAT, DRINK & PLAY
[MISC]] audrey hepburn

This was originally recorded on December 30th~ It's just the boy's out "shopping" (more like stuffing their faces lol) in Guangzhou. Wang Hao and Jianci have a bit of a disagreement, but they all get along in the end~ :D

It has no subs as of now, and unfortunately, I'm not sure when we'll be able to have them for you, but it's still a good watch, nonetheless.
9th-Jan-2011 06:00 pm - 要命的烦恼 双重的心跳
[MISC]] audrey hepburn
☆13: Xiao Shunyao (Yao Yao)
☆14: Tan Jianci (Kenji)
☆16: Zhao Yongxin (XiaoXin)

Here at maincontender.

Wang Hao and Yue Han soon to come~
3rd-Jan-2011 10:44 pm - RECRUITING STAFF
[MISC]] audrey hepburn

Want to join the MIC Group staff? At this time, we are honestly looking for as many people as we can get to help us both run the community and also, help us with our subbing group.

Translators: For this position, Chinese skills are required. Please don't apply for this position if you intend to use online translators as your sole source for translating. Neither of the moderators are fluent in Chinese, so help with this would be really appreciated. Duties for this job include translating articles, news, blog entries, videos, etc.

Subbers: This is a position where everyone is welcome to apply! You don't need to know Chinese to help us subtitle videos. All you need is a very crafty free software that might seem intimidating at first but you'll familiarize yourself with it quite quickly. We will be happy to provide you with tutorials and such to make the process much easier and we can vouch to you that it's definitely not hard! We can learn together, as this is our first turn at subtitling as well. The software does take some effort to master, but even for someone like me, who is pretty much technology illiterate, it's easy to use and fairly easy to understand.

Remember, the bigger our subbing team is, the faster we can release subbed goodies! Like I said, it's relatively easy to learn how to do this and we will provide you with tutorials to make it even easier.
3rd-Jan-2011 04:01 am - POSTING&TAGGING GUIDELINES
[MISC]] audrey hepburn
First, thanks for considering submitting an entry to micgroup. It's fan participation that keeps the community alive and booming!

In order for a post to be submitted, we request that it's properly tagged to make it easier for fellow community members to find specific entries. It may seem a bit intimidating at first but hopefully this guide will make the process much easier. We don't want you to get intimidated and stop posting, but we also don't want the community to become disorganized and difficult to navigate with too many or too little tags.
A Guide to Posting and TaggingCollapse )
30th-Dec-2010 05:42 pm - AFFILIATES//EXTRA
[MISC]] audrey hepburn
If you are interested in affiliating with us, please comment here!
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